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Overview of Engineers Week and signup sheet for volunteers for Engineers Week activity on February 19, 2014 at Athens Technical College.

Form and signup sheet for student volunteers for Engineers Week activities at Athens Technical College in 2014.

Draft of narration to be read for Engineering Technology program radio advertisement spot.

Flyer for the Engineers Week events at Athens Technical College, 2014.

Announcement promoting Engineering Technology Showcase: "The Engineering Technology Department at Athens Technical College (ATC) invites you to the 2015 Engineering Technology Showcase. As part of this annual celebration, the Engineering Technology…

Flyer for Engineering Technology Programs at Athens Technical College along with projected salaries. environmental engineering technology
The Environmental Engineering Technology program is designed to prepare you for today’s diverse and…

Presentation to industry officials regarding the Engineering Technology, Industrial Systems Technology, Machine Tools Technology, Manufacturing Operations Specialist, Mechatronics, Welding & Joining Technology programs.
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