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 The ATC Photographic Archives are housed in the Athens Technical College Library. Original print images and negatives are housed in the Athens Technical College Library in the Athens Technical College Archives on the Athens campus, of the Athens Technical College.

The Athens Technical College Archives consists of print materials such as reports, working papers, and commercial publications about the college, slides, film, photographs, newspaper clippings, PR related materials, scrapbooks, and ephemera such as plates. Much of the commercially printed material has been cataloged in the

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 library catalog, SIRSI; however, the photographs (approximately, 1000), slides (approximately, 3000), film (VHS, Beta, etc.; approximately 100) and newspaper/media clippings, some loose and some scrapbooked (approximately 1000), have not been cataloged. These materials are being digitized and added to GEAR.

Print material in this collection spans the establishment of the College in 1958 until the early 1990s. Digital materials are being collected separately.  The mission of the Archives is to preserve the College’s history since its inception in 1958.  Its mission is to acquire, organize, preserve and publicize publications, documents, images, plans, and artifacts to assist researchers in their use.You can read more about the archives project here.